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Tile Pros LLC is here to help you remodel your bathroom with less mess and fuss than the competition. In the 22 years we’ve been working in bathroom tile workremodeling, we’ve always taken the same care and paid the same attention to detail for our clients bathrooms as we would our own. Though some people won’t admit it, people spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so why not make it beautiful and comfortable? Whether it’s the guest bathroom or your private bathroom, we will make it something to be proud of and loved by all. You may not be able to get guests out of even the half- bath when we’re finished.

Curbless Showers: These are a fantastic option for our older clients, or those looking for something a little more modern. A Curbless Showers can be both elegant and functional. No more stubbing your toe when you’re getting in the shower. No more popping and cracking getting over the tub walls to take a shower before bed. The styles are endless for a curbless shower, and Tile Pros LLC specializes in this style.

Shower Pans: For those not quite into the idea of a curbless shower, a shower pan can be a great option for any non-tub shower. These mosaics come in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and materials to go with any shower pan and bathroom.

Heated flooring: When working with high quality stone, marble, tile, and other flooring options for bathrooms, those floors can get cold overnight. Heated floors will keep your feet and toes warm on your way to the shower. Don’t let the cold shock of the floor work better than a cup of coffee.

Bench seats: There are a lot of reasons to install a bench seat in your tub or shower. Sometimes they can be nice to use when bathing young children or dogs, and sometimes it’s just nice to be able to rest the joints and muscles while you let the hot water run down your body. Older clients tend to love our custom bench seats, but there is no age restrictions on showering in comfort.

renewed fire place tile install

Countertops: We love working with tile and marble counter tops for long lasting and beautiful results, but we work with many other materials as well.

Details: For every tub or shower, we can also install special niches for your soaps, hair care products, and more, keeping them from slipping and tripping you while you bathe. We can customize nearly anything, making your tub or shower functional and beautiful. We pay attention to every detail to give you the results you deserve. Our eye for the little things can help make this bathroom remodel perfect.


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When you are looking for professional repairs and installation for: curbless showers - fire places - bathroom remodeling - kitchen backsplashes - heated flooring - stone - tile just to name a few give us a call!!!